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Photo by Lace Burwell 

Patrick Lentz

Visual storyteller and educator

With a background in educational psychology and art, Patrick believes that the camera has the power to transform the way we understand the world and the people around us. By mixing practices of documentary photography, community organizing, and human development, his goal is to encourage young people in Chicago to be their own storytellers.

His work ranges from documenting social movements to exploring narratives around grief and nostalgia after the loss of his dad the day after his 16th birthday. Working with a mixture of analog and digital photography, he believes in the power of storytelling and sees it as an inherently political process. 

As a recent graduate from University of Illinois at Chicago, he continues to examine the crossroads of education, image making, and human psychology. By engaging youth in these practices, he strives to actualize these intersections through curriculum that centers young peoples' insight and imagination. 

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