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Documenting Community (2019)

This series of photos were taken by my students in the program Documenting Community during my time with After School Matters. The program focused on having students learn the basics of the camera and using the lens to document their own lived experiences as teens in Chicago. Students processed their own black and white rolls and digitized 35mm film. 

Ashley Lopez 3.jpg

Ashley Lopez (2019)

Ashley Lopez 2.jpg

Ashley Lopez (2019)

Marquis Donahue 2.jpg

Marquis Donahue (2019)

Marquis Donahue 1.jpg

Marquis Donahue (2019)

Fatimah Toelntio 2 .jpg

Fatimah Toelntio (2019)

Fatimah Toelntio 1.jpg

Fatimah Toelntio (2019)

Jaylon Davis 3.jpg

Jaylon Davis (2019)

Jaylon Davis 2.jpg

Jaylon Davis (2019)

CJ 1.jpg

CJ (2019)

Chastity Stubblefield 1.jpg

Chastity Stubblefield (2019)

Tanila Marshall.jpg

Tanila Marshall (2019)

Jackie Guzman.jpg

Jackie Guzman (2019)

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